For most of us, when we think about taking a cold shower, we cringe! Why would anyone want to take a cold shower? Well, there really are a lot of health benefits that come from cold water. However, depending on our present health status, we may just want to stick with the norm…enjoying a nice hot shower.

So, what is your body telling you?

Please consider taking a cold shower if you need to decrease inflammation and swelling, muscle spasms and pain.

Cold showers are super cool, too, if our body is in need of cooling down and is in need of hydration. They will leave our bodies feeling more alert, more relaxed and more invigorated.

Our skin likes cold showers, too! It won’t feel dry and itchy, afterwards! 🙂

But, then there are what we’re most used to…hot showers. These, as well, have health benefits.

If you are one that needs to improve blood flow, relieve congestion, fight insomnia, reduce stiffness in the arteries and joints, relieve menstrual cramping and soothe migraines, then hot showers are the way to go.

So, what does your body need? Maybe a combination of the two? That’s what I do. Start with the comfort of a hot shower and end with an invigorating, alertness-producing cold one.

Happy showering!

Your friend,


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