Hello, there.  So, it’s been a year since I last wrote about myself.  I’m back in the classroom!  This is my sixteenth year teaching and it sure brings me joy knowing that I’m bringing smiles to five and six year old faces every day.

And, for that same reason alone, is why I stay committed to Lisa’s Daily Joy and my future travel agent services to reach out and help even more people, bring more light, more joy into our world.

As much as I love writing, it gets tricky finding the time to spend researching articles, writing more inspirational Daily Breads, discovering funnies, joyful melodies and recipes.  But, they will stay consistently coming.  I love knowing that my purpose for even establishing Lisa’s Daily Joy is one that is supported by The Big Guy.  My heart is in the right place.  And, I want to share that with the world.

With that said, I believe in my heart of hearts that there is an even greater calling for me that is somehow connected to writing and travel, but, all in God’s timing.  My calling might take a little longer.  The “balls” that I’m currently juggling are what needs my presence.  Papa will let me know as time goes on.  I’m sure of it!

Here’s to the beautiful unknown!

I, Lisa, would love to establish a relationship and remain loyal with millions.  How awesome would that be!?  Please.  Think about checking in with me regularly so I can bring on a smile, an aw, and, maybe even a giggle or two, or an ‘oh, wow, I didn’t know that’?

You wanna go on a lifelong joyful ride?

With best wishes,