About Lisa

Hello, there.  So, I decided after fourteen worthwhile years of teaching that it was time for me to do something different.  Problem was, I didn’t know what.  I prayed, I bounced ideas off to my husband, family and friends.  But, my best route to take still wasn’t becoming apparent.  God hadn’t spoken to me…yet.  But, then He did.  And, I was off!

I have taken a leap of faith, and, I’m glad I did.  It feels right.  It almost feels like I am taking control of my life and pursuing my ultimate dream.  Because now, it is not just about me pursuing a dream and reaching children’s lives; it is about fulfilling, also, my family and friends’ dreams, while putting love out into the world.

I chose teaching, like I said, fourteen years ago, because I combined all of my values with my interests and passions, and out came, the teaching profession!  It was a joyous ride, and, who knows, since the passion is still there, I just may return in the future.  🙂  It is what God wants, right?  So, I decided to commit to this blog and my future travel agent services to reach out and help even more people, bring more light, more joy into our world.  This.  Is my dream.  Will you help me fulfill this dream?

I, Lisa Ann Holmes, would love to establish a relationship and remain loyal with millions.  How awesome would that be!?  Please.  Think about waking up to me every day, starting it with a smile, an aw, and, maybe even a giggle or two, or an ‘oh, wow, I didn’t know that’?

You wanna go on a lifelong joyful ride?

With best wishes,