Let’s Keep Our Hearts Lit. Our Bread~

Would you agree that Jesus was a man that loved unconditionally?  That he was a man of peace, intelligence, patience, generosity?  So far from selfishness…always maintaining composure…always keeping “his cool”…always finding delight in helping others…a beautiful soul, for sure.

We are so blessed to have Jesus’ energy surround us…day in and day out.  Because of this Majestic light, our hearts, too, can remain sparkly and full of love…for everyone and everything, which then leads to having a peace of mind (knowing that having a strong relationship with Jesus will lead to solutions to problems, a.k.a. miracles)  God is pretty cool like that!  ;P

When it’s all said and done, isn’t life about fulfilling your basic needs and the relationships we have with people?…Are they unselfish, helpful, patient, kind?  Can we testify to living a life accepting others as they are (for it’s hard enough for each individual to live this in this crazy world and do themselves)?  At the end of every day can we say that we loved unconditionally, just the way Jesus did?

This is my challenge to all of us…

Let’s have our hearts evolve.  Let’s open our hearts to allow for more opportunities to present themselves that lend themselves to being that shoulder to cry on, a healing touch, a helping hand.  Feeling loved and cared for is always euphoric.  We all want to be seen and feel connected, don’t we?

Jesus’ mighty strength and love makes it easy to love one another.

Thank you, Jesus.

Here’s to forever loving and honoring You,



Sweet dreams.


Exodus 32:21 – 32     Please forgive their sin – but if not, then blot me out of the book you have written.

“Father in heaven, thank You for reminding us how much it is like You to be willing to live – and die – for those who have not yet seen how much You love them.


Health and Wellness, Organic, Skincare

Turn That Frown Upside Down and, “Wear Makeup Wednesday!” ;) Here are some tips…

these are for particular attention to our eyes and lips

For our brows…

  • pluck any strays
  • apply a brow fiber formula product and highlighter – the fiber formula helps to fill in thin brows; the highlighter is applied right under our arches; blend in both directions
  • redness on our eyelids?  – apply neutral eye shadow to conceal
  • smudge a gray or brown eye shadow into the lash line – by doing so, our lashes will look fuller
  • when it comes to mascara?…apply just a little at the roots…this will make our lashes appear darker, but in a ‘subtle way’
  • got ‘stubby’ lashes?  do the same thing as the previous tip, but, apply only one coat at the roots

For all of those green-eyed beauties!

Want super vibrancy?

*go with any shade that would be included in the red family (the greenies’ opposite color), resulting in flare!

*this includes pink and purple shades, for red isn’t always the most complementary 😉

*both pastel and bold hues work!  Be brave.  Let’s go beyond our boundaries.  🙂

And, then the blue-eyed beauties!

*your best color is orange (again, complementary color)…when paired, your eyes will look the ‘brightest and most intense’

*your wonderful-pairing hues include ‘peach, champagne, copper, terra-cotta, and rust’

*shades of orange are so great because they do not overpower the delicate eye color of blue

Brown-eyed gals!

  • ‘almost anything goes’
  • ‘high-shine neutrals’, such as a shimmery gold, would make a for a good daytime look
  • want a more bold look?  sapphire and amethyst create ‘dimension for night’
  • want the most striking effect?  ‘concentrate the color on the upper lash line and blend out, smoking it up gradually…focusing the intensity closer to the eyes – instead of the crease – will make them sparkle more’.

Hazel eyes, like me?

*perhaps, apply the tips provided  :), and use any color we wish  🙂

Makeup does make you feel good, doesn’t it?




So important to wash our face each morning and night, being sure to splash our face at least ten times with water.

*see my regimen under “Skincare” on the Menu, if curious 😉

Happy News

I Owe You Some Goodies!…a Ha-Ha, some yummy Bread and some Good Ole’ Practical Worthwhile Information!

You’re always in my mind, and, I will be adamant about fulfilling my commitments.  Life just happens, with frequent surprises along the way…leaving us needing to maintain the flow…to keep the peace…You know?  😉

Love you to bits.  I just have to get some shut eye, starting…55 minutes ago ;P.

Please check back in tomorrow…for some sort of additional goodness!  :)…and, the rest coming shortly thereafter.  🙂




In other words, let’s be “zenful” as we “ride our roller coaster”!  🙂


Our Bread…

It is so easy to fill up our days with routines and maintain that steady pace.  When, before you know it, it’s nighty night time, the eight or so hours are put in for rest and, then, we “press repeat”.  Sound familiar?  Mm.  Hm.

The thought of deviating from the norm brings on a bit of an anxious feeling, huh?…such as, when someone needs a hand with something or a friend needs someone to bounce off ideas, or, share a story.  Whatever the need is, we have to stop what we are doing and, be of assistance, a guide, a mentor, a friend.

The fact that we’re helping in some of kind way immediately causes the feeling of anxiousness to vanish.  Instead, the immediate feelings of calm, peace and fulfillment flood through our bodies.

When we are there for someone, through having a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, we are creating sparks of light…sparks of love…just what matters…during this ONE life that we live.

This afternoon, while standing out on our driveway, keeping an eye on our guinea kids, the thought came to mind about what if we all just did more of the fun, youthful things that we THINK we don’t have time to do or, is even worth doing…such as, taking off our shoes and running around in the grass for at least twenty minutes or laying out a blanket in the yard and looking up at the clouds.

Do you think that maybe if we “indulge” in childlike behaviors more often, we’ll feel more internally fulfilled, leading to manifesting more opportunities to help others in whatever way, big or small, leading to reaping rewards for being a good samaritan?

Yes!  For sure!

So.  Let’s remember to be internally strong…emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally so we can be available to all (and, with a smile) when these beautiful moments come our way…OKAY?!

Love you, gazillions,



Mark 10:42 – 52     For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

“Lord Jesus, we honor You as the Son of God and Lord of glory who died for all.  Help us to demonstrate Your love to others today.”