Happy News

Hello, hello, hello! I’m still here, promise! Please see to it that I’ll be posting some yummies at some point this week! ;)

Life gets tricky sometimes, doesn’t it?!  When our ideal plans are “tweeked” because He knows what’s best…I guess being flexible and accepting changes of plans is the key to sustaining happiness…do you think?

As much time as I would like to commit to www.lisasdailyjoy.com, the place I am in my present-day life makes it hard to do just that…most of the time.  (xo)

Rest assured.  I’m in this for the long haul, with hopes to take “our community” with me on my lifelong journey of joy.

There WILL forever be www.lisasdailyjoy.com and, in the future, my store and travel experiences.  It’s just a matter of timing!  ;P

I love you.

Constantly wishing you well wishes,



Two recipes coming your way really soon!  Maybe tomorrow!

Happy News

Hello! Please stay tuned for more goodness. Coming to you tomorrow, rather than today since I was a little under the weather.

In the meantime, please make it a point to watch and/or listen to the videos I think you’ll really enjoy.  Listening while getting ready for work seems to be a good time for me (wink wink)  😉

Always from the heart,



Thank you for your sympathy/empathy when I am unable to update www.lisasdailyjoy.com as often as I’d like.  You’re awesome!  Here’s to a great week!

Happy News

I Owe You Some Goodies!…a Ha-Ha, some yummy Bread and some Good Ole’ Practical Worthwhile Information!

You’re always in my mind, and, I will be adamant about fulfilling my commitments.  Life just happens, with frequent surprises along the way…leaving us needing to maintain the flow…to keep the peace…You know?  😉

Love you to bits.  I just have to get some shut eye, starting…55 minutes ago ;P.

Please check back in tomorrow…for some sort of additional goodness!  :)…and, the rest coming shortly thereafter.  🙂




In other words, let’s be “zenful” as we “ride our roller coaster”!  🙂