Happy News

I Owe You Some Goodies!…a Ha-Ha, some yummy Bread and some Good Ole’ Practical Worthwhile Information!

You’re always in my mind, and, I will be adamant about fulfilling my commitments.  Life just happens, with frequent surprises along the way…leaving us needing to maintain the flow…to keep the peace…You know?  😉

Love you to bits.  I just have to get some shut eye, starting…55 minutes ago ;P.

Please check back in tomorrow…for some sort of additional goodness!  :)…and, the rest coming shortly thereafter.  🙂




In other words, let’s be “zenful” as we “ride our roller coaster”!  🙂

Happy News

My intention was good. Give me that! lol. These kinders, I’ll tell you what! :)

Let me get some rest, and, I’ll see you soon!  Lisa’s Daily Joy will be updated on Saturday…Busy day on Friday…

Thank you for your understanding.

Much love,



It’s soon to be Friday!  Yes!  Let’s have a laugh…a Friday Funny comin’ to ya, lata!  I apologize for not getting out Tuesday’s Tickler…Life sure is one big juggling act!  Can you relate?  ;P