My New Skincare Products!


This product leaves a cooling sensation and is anti…everything!  It has relieved some of my skin irritations that I have been battling for months!  Definitely worth a try.


Applying a toner is done secondly…after cleansing.  It’s a bonus that this one is Certified Organic.  🙂


Collagen, combined with Vitamins C & E, is great for plumping the skin and improving and preventing wrinkles.  The ingredients of this product are pretty natural, too.  🙂

You wanna give these a try?




Let me know about your experience with these if you do decide to try.  🙂


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Beauty Tip: Identify the Problem and Read the Ingredients for the Solution.

Ever wish you knew exactly what ingredients to look for so you knew exactly what product to buy, targeting your specific skin and beauty issue(s) and desires?

I know, for me, ingredients of a product will either make me want the product or not. They must be pure (nature-derived), healthy and organic (or, mostly) for my skin.

So, now, after reading an issue of Cosmopolitan, we’ll have this handy go-to list as a resource for when we’re in need of some beauty help.  🙂

Here we go!


  • uneven texture – use retinol to boost cell turnover for a healthy complexion
  • discolorationphytic acid – fades everything from sun spots to acne scars and niacinamide to prevent future pigmentation
  • oily skin moisturizerhyaluronic acid – creates balance
  • dry skin moisturizerceramides – cocoon skin, leaving it feeling silky-smooth
  • moisturizing body wash – sulfate-free
  • face oil – rich in vitamin C, rosehip and sea buckthorn berry – evens skin tone and boosts firmness
  • body oilmacadamia and avocado – makes skin glisten!
  • SPF for the face – 50 and sweatproof
  • SPF for the bodyzinc – amazing at preventing burns
  • dry skin cleanserjojoba and aloe – face won’t feel tight post-wash
  • oily skin cleansercharcoal – ‘sucks gunk from pores’ and salicylic acid ‘zaps zits’
  • A.M. eye treatmentpeptides – plumps thin under-eye skin
  • P.M. eye treatment – pop on eye patches
  • brightening maskAHA and glycolic acid – resurfaces the skin, leaving a glow
  • wrinkleshyaluronic acid and collagen – repair skin damage
  • acneadapalene (a retinoid) – regulates cell turnover to prevent clogged pores and reduce redness
  • at-home peelgentle fruit acids for 14 days and then, something rich in glycolic and salicylic acid for 14 days
  • lip-plumping – restylane and restylane-L – allover volume; restylane silk – subtle enhancements; juvederm ultra XC – a ‘plush, pillowy effect’; juvederm volbella XC – defines the lip line and treats fine lines around the mouth

So, there you go.  Let’s go for the natural healthy beauty products with great ingredients!





Skincare Tip: Have a Variety of Products

Image result for variety of skincare products

It makes sense to have a variety.  I just didn’t, always.  I would usually stick with one for each one of the steps in our beauty regimen, and, use them all up before I went back to the store or shopped online to refill.

But, now, after talking with my wonderful cousin, I got inspired to give myself a treat and went and bought several more, particularly, serum, with a few other products.  So, here they are…

We’ll start with the cleanser…


I love this cleanser!  I love that it’s real gentle on my skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.  For someone that has combination to dry skin, like me, a cleansing milk, is a good choice.

On to the serums…


This one I have been putting on in the morning.  I like that it brightens and protects.


I apologize about the clarity of this picture.  This one is a recovery serum.  So, if you feel like your skin needs a little bit of extra goodness…it appears dull and, maybe dry, this is a good option.  It’s also great that it’s for all skin types.


This one grabbed my attention because it has collagen…the ingredient that helps keep our skin plumped, tight, less wrinkled…Again, overall, the ingredients are great.


Hydrating throughout the day is a great practice to get into, if you are like me and need it!  Love this one, too!


This mask is wonderful.  It’s hydrating, which, can be done at another time during the week…different day than the day of the mud mask.

Maybe, you, too, would want to try some of these.  I went with them because I liked the ingredients, and, they all seem to do something different for the skin. So, we just have to pay attention to what our skin is doing and, give it what it needs at the time.

Just a friendly reminder…

This is a good step-by-step daily skincare regimen that fits for most, if not all.

  1. cleanse
  2. mask or no mask, exfoliate or don’t
  3. tone with a cotton ball
  4. serum
  5. a few drops of facial oil
  6. moisturize
  7. sunscreen

That will be all, for now!

Love and peace,



Skincare Tip: Probiotics for Healthier Skin

Do you know about topical probiotics?  I’ve only heard of and take probiotics as one of my supplements I take orally.

Apparently, this beneficial bacteria does wonders for our skin.  It can help to ‘eliminate any toxins and free radicals that can damage skin and cause the early signs of aging’. Good to know, good to know.

I know for me, having thin skin and all, I stay persistently applying products, daily, to retain moisture in my skin.  That’s where I decide to apply more shea butter, spray mist spray and/or apply more facial moisturizer.  Just depends on what my skin is telling me. Just an ongoing daily deal..

So, anyway, probiotics is known to ‘strengthen the skin’s barrier function, which, helps to retain moisture, and protect against damaging UV rays’.  Just what speaks to me!  You? Topical probiotics have also been shown to help those that live with rosacea.  It can improve and prevent it from reoccurring.

This article response comes from the wonderful Good Health magazine, Spring 2017 edition.

Some wisdom about skincare:

  • make drinking a gallon of water a day a goal
  • ingest a fish oil capsule or sprinkle ground flax on your cereal, waffles, oatmeal, etc.
  • regularly put on a face mask, organic ingredients
  • apply sunscreen on all exposed areas…hands (all of the time), knee caps, lips, neck, chest, arms, to name a few ;P
  • spray a hydrating mist throughout the day
  • always use your ring finger when applying your moisturizer and go inward around your eye area, same when applying your eyeshadow…go inward around your eye area
  • exfoliate regularly
  • switch up your products, have a variety and use what your skin needs at the time
  • lather up when you get done showering; coconut oil is a good one, and you can buy in bulk size.
  • shea butter works wonders if needing a heavy duty all natural moisturizer

That’s all for now!  Hope this helps.

Love and kisses,

Lisa                                                                                                                                                             P.S.                                                                                                                                                             Please give me your email address.  Scroll up, click on “Follow” and type away!  🙂  Good stuff to come.  I want you in, for life.

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Get Ready for “Mud Mask Monday!”

Image result for mud mask

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  Monday, a challenge to religiously apply a mask to your face begins!  Are you up for the challenge?

I’m only one week ahead.  My ‘first impression’ of the below product was, “Alright.  This is silky smooth, leaves no residue, feels refreshing.  I’m glad I got it.”

So, hey, whaddya say, are you like me and used to use a mask regularly, but, then, over time, it fell by the waste side?  Will this be your first time?…It’s lovely.  Your skin improves.

It all started when I glared at my skin in the bathroom with the SUNLIGHT lights.  There is no hiding in that bathroom.  Those dark spots hit me right in the face!  Ew.  Gross!  I shall let these guys take over my nose!  Off I went a searching and stumbled upon Sky Organics!

So, here we are.  Go take a look in a mirror.  Do you suffer from black heads?  Well, try the Dead Sea Mud Mask, or something of the sort.  Whatever mask suits your skin type, just do it!  😛



Amazon Prime $14.95 ~2 days, free shipping


Here’s to getting dirty,

Lisa 😛

P.S. Let’s start a weekly chat.  Please share your masking experiences with the world.  I will do the same!  Love you, bunches.