Time Well Spent – Today’s Daily Bread

It’s just like when we go and visit a grandparent in a nursing home or pick up the phone and converse with grandma/grandpa!  Their face lights up, showing they are just delighted to be around their loved ones or hear their loved ones voice(s).  And, we know, for sure, they love the visit because he/she makes it very clear!  The holding on tight to their visitor’s hands, when it’s time to leave, combined with a little sarcastic comment will give that away!  😛 And, even though grandma/grandpa doesn’t remember everything, the fact that that visit touched his/her heart in a way that made their face light up, makes it all the worthwhile.

This is a just a little example of how Papa feels when we reach out to Him.  We may go days, months, years without any communication with The Big Guy; we may sin and lose hope, or fear Him.  But, it’s never too late to accept the fact that the Universe is a magical existence.  And, it would be a shame, honestly, to not utilize The Greatest Resource known to man.  It’s a “no-brainer”, if you ask me.

Let’s have The Greatest get delighted, just like our grandparents.  And, that’s easy to do. Try just saying, “Hello.”.  The conversing with Him should be just as natural as any conversation we have with people we trust.  And, just like our grandparents, Papa doesn’t like to be ignored.  We are His children, after all.

God knows our hearts.  One place that is almost always a guarantee that our hearts will be happy is if we spend time outdoors…looking around, taking it all in, and smiling internally and externally, thankful for all the beauty that surrounds us (God).

So, let’s take a walk and, have Papa “perk up His ears” when He hears us speak to him. He’ll be delighted that He is remembered and valued.

Hope your day is full of smiles,



Psalm 147:1 – 11 The Lord delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love.

“Dear Lord, it thrills us that You want to have a relationship with us!  Thank You for the opportunity to learn of You through the Bible and to talk with You in prayer.”


We Are Made to Be ALIVE! ~ Today’s Daily Bread

Think about all of those miracle stories we could hear if we had the opportunity to sit and chat with people, lots of people.  Now, let’s take a moment and think to ourselves if we have already heard a miracle story (or, several)…how did hearing these make you feel?  For me, every time I do it gives me chill bumps and just reaffirms that We Are Not Alone, and, I’m sorry, but, THAT’S AWESOME!

It’s very normal to have those times in our lives where we need to be “awakened”.  Our sins tend to take a toll on our psychological, physical and emotional well-being.  And, boy, sometimes it feels like we just can’t get out of our own “funk”.

But, we can!  It really is temporary.  And, we really ought to give credit where it’s due…because of God, and, his “mercy-rich self”, we can “reawaken” and become “alive”, once again.  This gets an Amen!  😛

So, what does ‘reawaken‘ and ‘become alive, once again’ mean to you?  What would be some personal goals, short and long-term?  (three is always a good start 🙂 ).  Be sure they are SMART goals, too!…

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable

R – realistic

T  – time-bound

Why did we choose these as our three goals?  Do you think it’s tied in with how they will make us feel while on the journey?  Or, perhaps, how they will make us feel when the goals are accomplished?  Would you say, both, maybe?

Would we feel awakened and alive?  Yes!  You betcha we would.  So, what’s stopping us? Perhaps, we need to change or modify our goals (to be SMART)…

Now, on to my journal so I can write three SMART goals (long and/or short)…

Talk with you lata,



Ephesians 2:1 – 10     You were dead in your transgressions and sins.

“Thank You, Father, for love that conquers sin, life that conquers death, and grace that has conquered my heart.  May my life be a sweet aroma of praise to You.”  (how sweet)


Let’s Unite! :) Today’s Daily Bread ~

Oh…those times when our relationships with our friends, spouse’s, family members aren’t going the way we want…and, for different reasons…sometimes it’s because we differ and, it spirals into another place that you wish it hadn’t.  But, it does.  And, it’s stinky.  Similar situations are real and, will continue to “pop up”.  And, that’s o.k.  Because us Believers have The Spirit within us, which, significantly helps us to work through these times (pretty much vital), ending in resolutions and the ability to move forward, with a smile on our face.  “Thank You!”

‘We are called to work for peace and unity through God’s Spirit, donning the garments of gentleness, humility, and patience as we seek God’s healing in our relationships.’  Papa ‘yearns for us to be united, and through His Spirit He can bring His people together – even unexpectedly when we go walking in the park.’

So, now, let’s take it a step further…let’s pretend that we are all believers in ‘what goes around comes around’, and, we’re all doing our best to put out the energy that we would all like to reciprocate…and, let’s close our eyes and visualize what this world would look like if this was reality

Beautiful, isn’t?

A couple of things to remember when walking with Him…

  • keep our relationship with Him healthy through regular communication
  • show our appreciation through our words and actions since he demonstrates His love through ‘unexpected encounters’ (as often as we want them)
  • listen to others
  • pray

We have so much to be thankful for, particularly the ‘Bond of Peace’.  Let’s unite and, live the GOOD life.

I love you,


Ephesians 4:1 – 6     Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

‘Have you experienced an unexpected encounter that revealed God working in a situation?  How might you work toward peace and unity today?’

Health and Wellness, Organic, Skincare

Beauty Tip: Identify the Problem and Read the Ingredients for the Solution.

Ever wish you knew exactly what ingredients to look for so you knew exactly what product to buy, targeting your specific skin and beauty issue(s) and desires?

I know, for me, ingredients of a product will either make me want the product or not. They must be pure (nature-derived), healthy and organic (or, mostly) for my skin.

So, now, after reading an issue of Cosmopolitan, we’ll have this handy go-to list as a resource for when we’re in need of some beauty help.  🙂

Here we go!


  • uneven texture – use retinol to boost cell turnover for a healthy complexion
  • discolorationphytic acid – fades everything from sun spots to acne scars and niacinamide to prevent future pigmentation
  • oily skin moisturizerhyaluronic acid – creates balance
  • dry skin moisturizerceramides – cocoon skin, leaving it feeling silky-smooth
  • moisturizing body wash – sulfate-free
  • face oil – rich in vitamin C, rosehip and sea buckthorn berry – evens skin tone and boosts firmness
  • body oilmacadamia and avocado – makes skin glisten!
  • SPF for the face – 50 and sweatproof
  • SPF for the bodyzinc – amazing at preventing burns
  • dry skin cleanserjojoba and aloe – face won’t feel tight post-wash
  • oily skin cleansercharcoal – ‘sucks gunk from pores’ and salicylic acid ‘zaps zits’
  • A.M. eye treatmentpeptides – plumps thin under-eye skin
  • P.M. eye treatment – pop on eye patches
  • brightening maskAHA and glycolic acid – resurfaces the skin, leaving a glow
  • wrinkleshyaluronic acid and collagen – repair skin damage
  • acneadapalene (a retinoid) – regulates cell turnover to prevent clogged pores and reduce redness
  • at-home peelgentle fruit acids for 14 days and then, something rich in glycolic and salicylic acid for 14 days
  • lip-plumping – restylane and restylane-L – allover volume; restylane silk – subtle enhancements; juvederm ultra XC – a ‘plush, pillowy effect’; juvederm volbella XC – defines the lip line and treats fine lines around the mouth

So, there you go.  Let’s go for the natural healthy beauty products with great ingredients!